Peacock Ore – The stone for Creating a New Life

PeacockOre (aka Bornite) brings freshness into life and a feeling of abundance, easing challenging situations and bringing a sense of happiness. For these reasons PeacockOre is an excellent tool for “re-birthing”.  It also integrates the mind/body /spirit, and balances all chakras. And, it is powerful protection against negativity, transmuting it versus clearing it. PeacockOre will enhance your intuition, while teaching you to trust the information you receive. It offers the gifts of Magic and Happiness, aiding you in creating the life you want to feel better every day.

Peacock Ore consist of copper, iron, and sulfide minerals, and turns “peacock” when it tarnishes. This is a toxic mineral, so don’t wear it, or handle it too much.

Shine On!
Rev. Hope

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