Oracle Cards

oracle cardsHey RoseBuds! I’m Samantha and I’m new to RoseSprings! This month we featured Oracle Cards as our monthly special and let me tell you, I don’t know much about cards and how they work, but they do.

Oracle Cards are a unique divination tool that helps you speak with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and various Angels that come to assist us on our spiritual path in a fun easy manner. There are many different types of oracle decks, finding your deck is easier than you think. It’s like falling in love, you just know. When you’re looking at decks and one specific one is calling to you the most, pick it up and look at it. Be aware of the how the deck makes you feel. If the store has a demo of them, pull a card. The key to Oracle Cards is to see them as a communication tool, a way to bridge the gap between you and your guides and guardians.

I personally have 2 oracle decks that are wonderful. When I bought my first deck (Medicine Cards) I hadn’t really had much experience with Tarot or Oracle cards. Not really sure of how to do a reading I followed the instructions that came in the book for one of the layouts. I think I cried during and after the reading. I had needed some guidance at that point in my life and using the cards was my first experience contacting my own guides. They told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear which really helped me move along my path to feeling better.

If you have any questions or concerns with picking a deck, check out this video with Chrissie.

Have a wonderful Day!

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