Negative is Positive

SaltLampA few years ago when we brought our first salt lamps into the store, those who are energetically aware noticed the change when they entered the front door.  “What did you do?  It feels different and wonderful in here” they commented.

So can you imagine what 40 plus pounds of salt feels like when it’s sitting in your home? If you allow yourself to be open to the energetic changes of your house you’ll probably feel a lightness in the air, a cleaner atmosphere and you’ll just feel brighter and happier.  And, when you put all that salt into a 16″ high beautiful Salt Lamp you’ve added a decorator touch that is esthetic and functional.

Have you heard about negative ions?  We’ve been told that when you heat Himalayan Salt negative ions are created.  This is the same energy you’ll feel at waterfalls and ocean beaches.  And who doesn’t feel great when you’re out in nature?

And, yes it does come from the Himalayan mountains in Tibet where you could climb Mount Everest… just in case you were curious.

Love and Light,

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