Need a little extra boost of protection? Try Tourmaline!

Did you know that Tourmaline is associated with the sign of Gemini? Before I learned that, I already had quite the collection of tourmaline and this is another stone you’ll find all over my house. It provides such strong protection on a physical, astral and etheric level. Are you aware that we travel with our astral body during our sleep? There is a lot out there and I’m a little picky about what I will interact with, so I keep tourmaline on my night stand, and I feel better knowing that I have tourmaline there to protect me during my astral travels. As many of you RoseBuds know, our cell phones, tv’s, computer, etc… emit EMF’s, Tourmaline can protect you from these unhealthy energies. Keep a piece near your tv, computer, I even taped one to my cell phone…lol

Please enjoy the following channeled message from Tourmaline, from Doreen Virtues Crystal Therapy Book:

“A shield of magnetic protection envelops you when I’m near, so invite me into your business settings guide and look after you, and place me near your computer to reduce stress.”

Brightest of Blessings…


  1. Merilou Reply

    What great advice, I’ll have to try that. I’m going to pull out any and all my Tourmaline!

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