Need a Little Boost in Owning Your Power?

Citrine contains one of the most powerful energies to help you clear your 3rd (Solar Plexus) chakra, when our 3rd chakras are healthy and clear, we are strong, and balanced, in our power.  We are cheerful, bright and able to lead and guide others with love and compassion.  We are comfortable in our bodies and completely self assured.  Citrine supports us in co-creating in alignment with the Divine Will and helps us find our life purpose.  If you ever feel confused, drained and always seeking direction, Citrine is the perfect stone to help you feel spiritually better and get you back on track!

Let’s not forget the power of manifestation!  Citrine totally aids in manifestion, by clearing out your power center (3rd chakra) with the help of Citrine, you can put more energy and focus on what you wish to manifest in your life.  Another benefit of Citrine is that it helps you create more joy in your body, mind and spirit, the more joy the easier to feel love for yourself and others.  All this joy can be contagious and attract many joyful people and experiences into your life, beware RoseBuds, watch out for that joy and embrace it for all it’s worth!

Brightest of Blessings…



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