As I talked to Chrissie Albright, Intuitive Healer and Reader, and as I recalled my experience after a Crystal Therapy with her, I was reminded of the concept of mindfulness.  Of course, I thought… how else can you be in the NOW that unifies consciousness if you do not practice mindfulness.

She explained: “Pay attention to your body, if something doesn’t “feel right”, most likely it’s not!  Have you ever gone against your “gut” instinct only to experience regret for doing so?  Let that be confirmation that you can trust what your body is trying to communicate to you.  Whenever you feel constriction in your chest as a reaction to a person, place, or object, your body is telling you that this is not an energetic match”.

RoseBuds, our bodies are indeed in constant communications with us.  As I explained in my earlier blog, we do have many bodies, that have many different functions and purpose, however they all are part of a whole system tuned to alert us of incoming frequencies.  It is ours to learn to hear, perceive, see, or FEEL our way through this incoming signals and  translate these frequencies into a mental understanding of what is been communicated to us.  Those of us that are very empathic, the feelers of this world, are especially sensitive and are well served to tune in and pay attention.

Chrissie continued:  “Same thing with your gut, if you feel tightness, the situation is not a healthy energetic match.  When you steer clear of things that don’t “feel” right, you’ll attract a lot of things that DO “feel” right!  Stand strong  and love yourself first, listen to your body, trust your instincts and you can create a better life for yourself!”

Well Rosebuds, to be in the flow of the NOW is to enter into correlating energies, the energies that match yours.  Just as you have to align with the planetary energies to be able to remain on the planet, when you align yourself with matching energies, you live a better life and you experience the easy and graceful flow that comes with been in resonance with the frequencies that surround you.

I invite you Rosebuds to tune in and become aware of your own energetic patterns, and if you feel a bit out of balance, turn to Chrissie Albright and have a Crystal Therapy Session with her.  It is extremely powerful and balancing.  It is a great step toward being in the flow of mindfulness…

We are One. Light, love and Power!



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