Meet Galena!

Greetings RoseBuds!  Today I feel guided to write about the newest stone that we’ve added to our crystal family.   Galena has been around a long time, but is new to RoseSprings.  The energy in this stone is very similar to hematite, Linda describes it as “hematite on fairy dust”, and that is a perfectly fitting description for its energy.  Hematite can be intense (or heavy) after a period of time.  Galena, on the other hand, is refreshing, uplifting, fun…yet deeply grounding.  When I hold it, I feel expansion within in my physical body, almost like I had a PVC pipe within me and it’s clearing out all the dust, thus allowing all the energy to flow smoothly.

Galena is a great tool for reclaiming your power, as the energy transforms your being, your connection to your higher self is strengthened and you become stronger in all areas of your life.  I think the energy taps into your inner-child, an excitement washes over you and you feel like you can work through anything challenging in your life, but you really do feel the inner-child energy wanting to pitch in on your spiritual progression… that is the best way I can describe it.  If you are looking for a “feel better” stone, meet Galena, here to help you in heal, shift, progress and travel along your path.

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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