Massage for Medicine

Did you know that we do insurance billing for recovery massage as part of our ‘feel better’ services here at RoseSprings?  If you have a prescription from your doctor after an auto accident, we can bill your auto insurance for medical massage.   We can also bill your workers’ comp claim for medical massage if you’ve been injured on the job.

I cannot stress enough that it is really important to get a prescription written by your doctor, which specifies the diagnosis and areas to be treated.  Also, medical massage is unlike relaxation massage, you most likely will not receive an all-over-massage, because emphasis will be given to the affected areas.

This is absolutely my own opinion, but I have found that massage has helped me way more than any prescription for pain.  In fact, the pain meds literally make me sick to my stomach.  I have been healing from frozen shoulder for over 6 months now and have gained more movement from massage therapy than I ever did while taking muscle relaxers and I’m not groggy from the drugs 8 to 10 hours later.  So when I asked myself; “how can we help you feel better today?” my answer was massage!  And yes, I do ask myself that question on a daily basis….lol

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