Malachite – Intense and Powerful!

RoseBuds, beware… Malachite is a very powerful stone to work with, and I must add caution, it will amplify the energy you project, whether negative or positive, its job is to amplify.  Just be aware of your mood before working with malachite and if you’re feeling negative, maybe hold off working with malachite for a time when you are in a more positive mood.  When I work with malachite, I find it easier when I add a stone of softer vibration like rose quartz.  Though malachite is intense, it is definitely a powerful healer.  I remember the first time I worked with malachite, I was working on the heart chakra and it brought up a lot of stuff I had buried from my past, more than I imagined… it was a bit overwhelming at first, but then I was able to sift through everything and pick a beginning point to start my healing process.  I am grateful for what malachite showed me, with that knowing, I was able to let the healing begin!

Now if you want protection!  Malachite is protective on many levels as it repels evil of all sorts and also protects you from accidents.  I personally like to carry a small piece in my wallet, that way it’s always with me in the car and I feel better knowing that I have a little extra added protection.  Another benefit of carrying in my wallet is that malachite attracts money, now that is something I think all of us  would like to attract more of in our lives.

Brightest of Blessing,

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