Malachite for Heart’s Life Purpose!

RoseBuds, did you know that Malachite is powerful in a multitude of ways!  Its beautiful color is resonate to the heart chakra and can help uncover buried emotions and blocks that are connected to other lifetimes.  And when you get a clear heart, your connection to spirit becomes stronger and the messages spirit has to share about your life purpose are easier to hear, feel, know and see.  As you know, when we live from our hearts, our lives are happier, healthier and whole!

Malachite’s powerful vibration is equalizing and balancing and one great side effect is that it can create an unobstructed path that leads you to your desired goal.  I think this would be a great stone to build a grid that helps you reach your goals.  I see a new grid in my future!  I really enjoyed sharing (in my last blog) the archangels that are associated and resonate with certain crystals.  Malachite is associated with Archangel Raphael, his color is a beautiful green and a great angel to call upon for healing in all forms.

Here is part of the message that Malachite has to share with you from Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue.  “I serve as a key to heart awareness, ready to assist you in the journey of discovering and experiencing oneness in all ways.  Complete and perfect in individual forms, no two of my stones are alike, and in that uniqueness you’ll find the beauty of acceptance…”   Finding the beauty of acceptance is very empowering and my wish for us all….. let us bask in the beauty of life!

Brightest of Blessing,

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