Light Up Your Life With Candles!

Candles help bring in a little light during the cold and dark days of winter, there’s nothing like a little light to lift your mood and shift the energy in your home!  I don’t know about you RoseBuds, but when I have candles lit throughout the house, I feel a little warmer and super cozy and that right there lifts my mood!  Candles make a nice addition to a hot and relaxing bath, just light the candles, turn of the lights, soak and relax… watch the candle flame and connect to spirit while in the tub, water is a great way to connect to the higher realms.

Whether using candles for ritual, ordinary days or gifts now is a great time to stock up.  Is someone you know having a birthday, anniversary, or just needs some cheering up.  RoseSprings has a candle for every occasion, stop by and check out our selection.  I will help you feel better today!

Brightest of Blessing,

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