Let Us turn Your Motor Vehicle Accident into a positive experience!

Okay RoseBuds, I’m not wishing this on you, but if it happens to you or a loved one, now you’ll know what to do.

You’ve been in an auto accident and are probably thinking, “OMG, I have to notify my insurance company, fill out an accident report, choose a body shop for the car repair and …”.  But wait…who takes care of you and your aches and pain?  Well, we do and to be honest RoseSprings does it best!  We take care of your health’s need; and help you feel betteron all counts.  We offer therapeutic massage treatment options with your Rx to help your body heal and also provide counselors and energy healers to help you cope and recover faster.  Our approach to your care is holistic and comprehensive.  You’re not just a number you’re a friend.

To prove that, while our onsite billing department handles your claim, you can trust Licensed Massage Therapist, Anna Dale, to handle your first session.  Anna has many years of experience as a Massage Therapist, and is also trained in a wide array of modalities, that paired with her intuition delivers powerful healing.  One of those modalities which clients receive amazing benefit from her soul alignment Therapy which is based on the body’s natural wisdom, inter-connecting the mind, body and spirit.  Most clients feel emotionally lighter after their session.

Come in today as you are sure to feel better and have a worry free experience.

We are one, Light, Love and Power,

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