Lapis for Spiritual Support

Lapis Lazuli is my favorite stone to enhance clairvoyant abilities for readings and healing sessions.  The energies are high quality, provide mental clarity and aid in communicating with the higher self and spirit guides.  Lapis connects with the 5th and 6th Chakras, enabling you to see clearly and speak clearly, another reason it’s my favorite stone to have in my sessions, it feels like my very own support team.  The connection and activity in the 3rd are amplified, this is a stone of high vibration and it will not lower its vibration to work with yours, one must raise their mental, emotional and spiritual energies to connect with Lapis.

Let me tell you, it’s worth the effort, in return Lapis will help you heal childhood traumas, and other painful memories stored in your auric and astral bodies.  It can also help wipe out any part of the past (in this life or a past life) that you still carry, but no longer need to do so.  According to D.J. Conway’s Crystal Enchantments, if you dream of Lapis, it may symbolize a successful love affair.  Lapis is also a great stone to balance and cleanse all chakras.  Just sit back, place the Lapis on yourself, breath deep, connect, and wa-laa, your whole being feels better!

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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