Lapis: A Stone for Protection

If you’ve been told you need to stand up for yourself or feel that you need someone to take care of you (which we know isn’t true) then consider working with Lapis.  Lapis projects a masculine vibration and therefore is strong and very protective.  Place it anywhere in your home (of course follow your intuition for placement) and enjoy the protective and purifying properties as they will help you feel better!  If you need to work more with masculine energies, then Lapis is a great stone to work with due to the strong protective energies and it’s great for sealing the etheric body.  Lapis also encourages mental calmness while enhancing psychic abilities and enhances spiritual studies and growth.  You can also use Lapis to help you get restful sleep as it calms the brain and helps you relax and calm your thoughts, making it easier to drift off into slumber.  Some nights I’ll hold my piece of Lapis and just gaze at it, I can feel myself relax almost instantly!

Did you know that Lapis also contains calcite and pyrite?  So in addition to the properties of Lapis, the healing properties of calcite and pyrite also come into play, these energies really help integrate the indigo vibration of the Lapis into the body.  Lapis is a great stone to gift to your RoseBud friends because the energies help connect the truest of friends.  Besides all the spiritual properties, Lapis also helps with depression, anxiety and panic and memory loss.  In my opinion, Lapis is a fabulous stone to have in your home, car, to wear as a ring, necklace, earrings, or just to carry in your pocket.

Brightest of Blessing,

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