Is Bowenwork for you?

RoseSprings Center’s newest practitioner Ramiliton Franco-LMT, is not only a massage therapist but also offers Bowenwork to help you feel better.  This particular modality can help with issues such as frozen shoulder, back pain, TMJ, and carpal tunnel.  Bowenwork is not massage but a manual therapy that involves touch, the practitioner uses fingers and thumbs to gently move the muscles and tissue.  It is effective at reversing unhealthy patterns and stimulates the body’s autonomic nervous system to rebalance.

Ramilton shared with me that one client he had was experiencing severe chronic back pain due to many injuries and a surgery.  His client started Bowenwork on weekly basis with steady progress in reducing his pain and on one particular session the results were amazing, his client felt no pain for the first time in 6 years.  The next few days the pain returned, but this time it was milder than in the past and he continued to have relief and improvement in his quality of life.   Bowenwork can also help reduce stress, migraine headaches and respiratory problems.

If this sounds like something that can help you feel better, go to our website and check out Ramilton Franco’s bio-page.

Brightest of Blessing,

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