Invisible Toxins That Come From Within

By Merilou Hundley, Energy Healer, Counselor/Coach

There are toxins that affect our health that do not have a tangible or visible property, they are energetic toxins. Our bodies are entirely made of energy that continuously vibrates. Our thoughts and self-talk affect how this energy vibrates. This vibration, or rather the level of this vibration, either supports or interferes with our health.

When we have positive and loving thoughts, our vibrational levels are higher. Higher vibrations allow your energy to freely flow, resulting in faster healing and good health.

Negative and fearful thoughts create a lower vibration. This lower vibration allows energy to become stuck or stagnant which causes illness and can allow injuries to occur. A low vibration can even cause pain without a physical explanation. Emotional blocks prevent the free flow of energy, creating this low vibrational level. These emotional blocks occur when we store negative thoughts, issues, and beliefs in our body. Disempowering beliefs are a major cause of emotional blocks.

Releasing existing emotional blocks can be done through Energy Healing which is a combination of dialog, energy balancing and clearing, and various other techniques that help us communicate with the subconscious self. This process collapses and eliminates the toxic negative energy feeding these emotional blocks that keep us stuck. It allows healing to occur by establishing new beliefs, as well as changing old patterns and habits. Eliminating these existing blocks is the first step to healing and change.

The next, and most important step, is to change your thoughts especially those directed towards yourself.  While it may sound cliché, the best way to heal yourself is through Self-Love. This is one of the most important behavioral changes you can make! Energy Healing is a powerful way to make that change in yourself. Remember, positive and loving thoughts raise your vibrations. You are strongest when your vibration is high; and when one is strong, not vulnerable, these toxic emotional blocks are unable to form.





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