Intuition & Massage – A Winning Combination

Whenever I feel stiffness or pain in my body, I intuitively go to the psychological root of my issue, find the corresponding affirmation (I am a big fan of Louise Hays affirmations) and use that affirmation when I am getting massage or energy work.  Using my intuition combined with healing touch, has helped me heal from past experiences in ways I would never imagine!  It’s really great when you find a massage therapist who not only brings a healing and relaxing touch to your body, but one who also helps you become more aware of your body by tuning into the consciousness of your body,  as a whole,  while allowing your intuition to be the guiding force behind the session.

The type of therapist I am talking about is RoseSprings newest Licensed Massage Therapist, Shannon Hallberg-LMT.  Shannon’s passion is trusting in the wisdom of the body, listening to the many levels of body-mind intelligence as she tunes into the tone, consciousness and participation of the muscle tissue in your body.   Some of the side effects are deep relaxation, increased self-awareness, decrease in pain and tension.  That doesn’t sound too bad as far as side effects go; certainly sounds like it would help you feel better in body, mind and spirit.   Give yourself a treat, book a massage today!

Brightest of Blessing,

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