Health Insurance

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing a condition that your Doctor, Naturopath or Chiropractor feels that you need medical massage.  But we are happy that you have chosen RoseSprings Medical to help you feel better today.  In this current health insurance environment it is difficult to know whether your health insurance benefits will cover medical massage therapy.  RoseSprings Medical can bill your insurance company, but for both our benefits, we need to know if your policy will cover our services.  Please call your insurance company today and ask, “Does my policy cover medical massage done by a massage therapist?”

  • If the answer is ‘yes’ please ask that person for their name and phone number so that we can talk with them directly during the billing process.
  • If the answer is no we are very happy to see you for a relaxation massage paid same day of service.


Future appointments can easily be booked online.