Incense – Your Prayer is in the Air!

No other sensory gift invokes memories, feelings or yearnings like the sense of smell. Since the beginning of humankind we have attached scents to almost every human condition, thought or feeling. Remember as a child, coming home to the smells of fresh baked cookies? What kinds of feelings did you have then, what memories come to you now? If I say, “oatmeal cookies”, can you instantly bring that smell to your awareness? That is the power of incense. It elicits deeper senses, that go beyond our ego self, to touch our spirit self.

Incense has the added benefit of being able to carry our prayers up to the Cosmos, in its smoke. When you are saying prayers and offering incense with it, you are enhancing the power of your prayer. Incense represents the very breath of our prayers. It is Air and communication; it is the vibration of everything contained within the incense. It is another tool for transformation. Just lighting a stick of incense, blended for your intention, will raise your vibration. And, that is the key for feeling better about everything in your life.

Shine On!
Rev. Hope

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