Hypnotherapy… is it truly what you perceive it to be?

Greetings RoseBuds and Happy 2014!

What is the first thought that pops into your head when you hear the word “Hypnotherapy”?  Do you think it’s a form of mind-control or maybe it’s wacky?  Well, I’ve recently learned from Reyveka Pieroni CHt, hypnotherapy is NOT a form of mind-control.  It’s like meditation (in my opinion), you are in a relaxed state, similar to that time between being awake and falling off to sleep.  When you are in this state, you’re tapped into your unconscious mind and you can access more information from this state of mind, you have access to the moment you created your behavior or addiction.

Hypnotherapy is just another “feel better” modality that you can experience at RoseSprings. Reyveka has a calming and trusting energy about her, that I feel can help you relax and really get you to that state where you can begin to heal whatever it is that needs healing.  The hypnotic state provides clarity (at least for me) that enables you to see past all the information you pick up on in our daily lives, making it easier to process the nitty gritty stuff that gets hidden when we are overloaded with information.  After my experience with Reyveka, I feel less stressed and more empowered to release the stuff I needed to release.  Why not give hypnosis a try?  Reyveka offers a free 30 min. consultation for first time clients.

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