Hypnosis – is it truly a last resort?

There are many different modalities to help one heal, progress, transform and feel better.  Most people think of hypnotherapy as a last resort, why not try it as a first resort?  Hypnosis is mostly known for smoking cessation and weight loss, but it also helps provide relief for physical, emotional and mental conditions of all kinds.  Hypnosis can help with depression, it can help you, become more aware of the negative self-talk and to adopt positive affirmations that can lift your spirits and ease your depression.

All you need is an open mind and the will to heal for you and not someone else.  If you want to change for your partner, then it’s not going to work, plain and simple.  You must be the priority in this process, don’t sabotage yourself and make it about others, this takes away from your power.  Consider booking a FREE consult with RoseSprings’ Reyveka Pieroni, CHt. She has a great energy and gift in connecting with people from all walks of life.  Be sure to check out her monthly classes too.

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