How and When Do You Spend Your Time?

By Merilou Hundley, Counselor/DEH Practitioner

What knocks you down, what is your breaking point”? A friend asked me this the other day and I had to think for a minute. For a few years now, I have been practicing to be detached from the outcome, to not label or judge a situation as either “good” or “bad”, and to look for the gift in every challenge. My answer was, “I don’t know, I really don’t want to think about it”.

Okay, how healthy is burying my head in the sand? I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter. The purpose of non-attachment is to be present and in the moment, not some dreamed up future or long gone past. As long as I can do that, I tend to be pretty content. I learn from the past, I plan for the future; but I don’t stay in either place.

The practice of staying in the moment is powerful and everyone I know that works to stay in that sweet spot thinks their life is richer and happier when they do. They get there and work to stay there.

Besides, neither the past nor the future really exist. When we are stuck in the past, it is usually laden with loss and regret. Worrying about the future is fear-based. There is no shame to being stuck, however, there are solutions. Letting go of these nonexistent sources of pain is possible, but often we need someone outside of ourselves to help.

If you find yourself stuck in this no-man’s-land of past or future, please reach out. Reach out until you find someone to listen and help you move into the present or to help you find someone who can. Sometimes a friend can serve this purpose, sometimes you need professional help. This may be a counselor, a therapist, a coach, hypnotherapist, or an energy worker. While my bias is someone that works in the Energy Psychology field, look for who and what is a good fit for you. Find someone that listens, can help you see the big picture, and can help you let go of the hold that fear, worry, regret, or loss have on you. Getting to where and how you want to be is worth the investment; be it time and/or money.

If you aren’t at that breaking point, great! There are so many great books, tapes, and healers at your fingertips. Consider starting the practice of bringing yourself back to the present when you are in a state of regret (past) or worry (future). The more you do it, the easier it becomes to have that awareness and to get back to that incredible sweet spot!

After working many years in the corporate world, Merilou Hundley has been in practice since 2003. She has a BA in Psychology/Minor in Business, is certified as a DEH Practitioner (DEH is an Energy Psychology modality), is a Certified Professional Coach, and a Reiki Master. She uses the skills and tools from all of these modalities in her Counseling/DEH sessions.