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Bowenwork, All the Right Moves!

Rosebuds, I finally tried a session with Ramilton Franco, LMT and Certified Bowenwork Practitioner and I am back to tell you all about my experience. If I had any apprehension it was rather on what to expect but my hesitation was fast put to ease, when Ramilton sat down with me to sha

Pyrite Amplifies Abundance

Greetings RoseBuds!  Did you know that Pyrite assists you in creating material abundance?  Try placing a piece in your financial feng shui area of your home.  Stand at your front door (facing in) and the area to the far right/rear is your financial/abundance area, set the intention as

The Softness of Sodalite

Working with Sodalite is similar to working with Lapis, only the energy of Sodalite is softer in vibration and more effective when you are extremely sensitive to the energy of crystals.  Lapis raises you to its vibration; Sodalite melds with your current vibration to ease your transit

Bowenwork’s Gentle Moves Promote Healing on All Levels

Rosebuds, we are experiencing times of exponential growth, and as we do grow we may experience discomfort. It is no wonder that we use the term growing pains, yet, suffering can be alleviate with proper prevention and proper care. As we go through challenges and the necessary shifts t

Try Pyrite Protection!

Hey RoseBuds, Pyrite is jam packed with protective properties on a myriad of levels.  It hosts a defending quality that can help you shield from many different forms of negativity.  For me, Pyrite feels both protective and nurturing, energizing and grounding, yin and yang in perfect b

Selenite – Friend of the Moon Goddess

Greeting RoseBuds!  Let me start off by sharing the channeled message of Selenite by Doreen Virtues Crystal Therapy Book; “Friend of the Moon Goddess, I’m comprised of layers of knowledge from the cosmos.  Traveling from afar to be with you in these days of shifting awareness, I hold

Chrysocolla Intensity Factor

Chrysocolla reminds me of a miniature version of Mother Earth, all the tones of blue and green are very similar to what you see in a photo of Earth from outer space J  The energies mixed with the colors can be intense, maybe even overwhelming for some people.  I highly recommend addin

A Few Tips for Working with Selenite

Greetings RoseBuds!  I have a few tidbits that I want to share when it comes to working with Selenite.  First, never run your selenite under water, or soak in water.  Selenite is a soft stone and will be damaged by water.  Second, thanks to the awesome properties of Selenite not retai