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Finding Balance with Kyanite!

Hey there RoseBuds! Are you looking for a little balance in your life? Looking to balance out your chakras? I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to use Kyanite to balance my chakras; you need one piece of black Kyanite and one piece of blue Kyanite. Find a quiet space to l

Citrine Just Rocks!

Are you seeking to add a little extra “Umphf!” in connecting to your higher self? Citrine is the perfect alley as it helps to align one with the higher self and protects your aura at the same time! I love the clearing and uplifting energy that Citrine shares, I usually feel all my emo

The Many Faces of Quartz

Clear Quartz comes in many shapes, sizes, some with inclusions and others are crystal clear. Sometimes the shape in Quartz makes a difference in what you are setting out to accomplish in your spiritual journey. For instance a Generator Quartz has six faces that terminate into a single


As I talked to Chrissie Albright, Intuitive Healer and Reader, and as I recalled my experience after a Crystal Therapy with her, I was reminded of the concept of mindfulness.  Of course, I thought… how else can you be in the NOW that unifies consciousness if you do not practice

The Angels want to know if you are ready to experience your gifts?!

Greetings RoseBuds!  I am strongly guided to start off by sharing the following channeled message of Clear Quartz from Doreen Virtue’s Crystal Therapy book, I hope you enjoy as much as I did. 🙂 “Alpha and omega in the mineral kingdom, I reign without question.  From my foundation, the

Need a little extra boost of protection? Try Tourmaline!

Did you know that Tourmaline is associated with the sign of Gemini? Before I learned that, I already had quite the collection of tourmaline and this is another stone you’ll find all over my house. It provides such strong protection on a physical, astral and etheric level. Are you awar

Clear Quartz Is Truly A Master Healer!

Greetings RoseBuds! Are you ready for Summer? Are you ready for some last minute spring cleaning on a metaphysical level? Look to the crystal clan for Clear Quartz, this all-purpose healer repels and clears negative energy in your aura and your surroundings.  In each room of my house,

The angel connection!

Rosebuds, how has your connection to your angels been lately? Do you hear their gentle whisper at night, do feel their presence, or hear them when they intervene for your highest good, or simply try to capture your attention with repetitive patterns? As you already know, you are alway