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Crystals & Affirmations

Hey RoseBuds, here is another little handy chart for your Calcite curiosities and needs. Calcite is just one of the many crystal family members that can help you feel spiritually better today! Try working with the crystal and Archangels in tandem and see what magic they can manifest i

The Healing Secrets of a Cleanse…

Rosebuds, Dr. Tammy Stenberg, Chiropractor and Nutritional physician has shared a lot with me about the benefits and reasons that she promotes cleansing and detoxing! I have to say that as we move into the fall season and get ready to celebrate the harvest time of Thanksgiving, it mak

Calcites Message from the Angels

Hey RoseBuds, did you know that each crystal has a bright and beautiful Archangel tucked away neatly inside? Their energy and messages are bound to help your spirit feel better! Today I’d like to share the channeled message of the Archangels through the spirit of Calcite. The followin

Healing with Calcite

Happy Fall RoseBuds! With all this shifting in vibrations I think it’s safe to say we can all use a gentle cleansing every now and then… Calcite is one of my favorite when I need a subtle and gentle cleansing of the chakras. The energies remind of me of silk being wrapped around my au

Flourite in all its Colors-What do they do for you?

Hey RoseBuds, are you aware of the various colors of Flourite? This beautiful stone can be found in blue, green, purple, yellow and colorless. I’ve created a little chart for the various colors and some of their healing properties. I hope you find this useful when you decide to add Fl

Hematite Message from the Angels

Greetings RoseBuds! Did you know that each crystal carries an essence that resonates to various Archangels? For example, Hematite is associated with the Archangels Jophiel and Michael. I like to think of Archangel Jophiel as the Archangel of de-clutter, and Archangel Michael as the ul

Flourite Increases your Ability to Study!

Whether you are entering 1st grade or freshman year of college, Flourite is the perfect companion for any kind of studies.  When I was in college, I always had a piece of Flourite near me when I did my homework…especially math….lol.  I always felt grounded and focused and before you k

The secret to happiness…

Most of us understand what it means to love another person. The feelings of intense emotions, admiration, the emotional and mental investment in another. We easily go through great lengths to nurture others with loving intents. Yet most of us, never explored what loving ourselves mean