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Therapy is for more than just healing the mind…

Have you got toxic bioaccumulation?  Here are three therapies that help Detox and Build Your Body: The Amethyst Bio-Mat, NRG Detox Foot Bath and the Compass Nutritional Bio-Feedback reading. The first therapy is the NRG Foot Bath. This is a system that utilizes a mechanical system to

Negative is Positive

A few years ago when we brought our first salt lamps into the store, those who are energetically aware noticed the change when they entered the front door.  “What did you do?  It feels different and wonderful in here” they commented. So can you imagine what 40 plus pounds

Astrology: A Window to the Soul

Hey Rosebuds!  I’m so excited today to tell you about a ‘typical’ (and you know there’s no typical) session with Astrologer, Raphael Fitch.  And, to remind you that you still have a couple of days to book (you don’t have to have the session before Aug. 1…just book it) to take advantag

From Exposure to Sacred… A Versatile Cover Up

We all take in information in different ways and have a dominant preference.  I’m a visual so I love color and texture and unique ways of using the ‘ordinary’ in different ways.  While in Denver a couple of weeks ago there was a booth that tied a colorful sarong around the back of a c