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Go Green!  A Treat for the Heart!

The kind of Green I am referring to RoseBuds, is the healing energy of Green Crystals.  There are so many to choose from and all are good for the heart.  So many I know are going through some pretty tough experiences right now and I can feel how it weighs on their hearts.  The heart n


A private session with the highly empathic healer Dr. Cristina Corban can help you in change perceptions of obstacles in your life and to infuse all aspects of your life experience with ease, clarity, love and peace. Dr Cristina Corban helps you activate the miracles, magic, and myste

Need a Little Boost in Owning Your Power?

Citrine contains one of the most powerful energies to help you clear your 3rd (Solar Plexus) chakra, when our 3rd chakras are healthy and clear, we are strong, and balanced, in our power.  We are cheerful, bright and able to lead and guide others with love and compassion.  We are comf

Pyrite and Seeds of Light

Hey RoseBuds, Did you know that Pyrite brings the golden ray of mental acuity and learning into the physical body? The energy of the golden ray helps the process of manifestation and creation on all levels. Pyrite and the added energy of the golden ray help plant seeds of light upon o

Gifted advice!

Dear RoseBuds, I am certain you have heard of our talented intuitive reader Chrissie Albright. Some of you may even have had a reading or a Crystal Therapy session with her, and if you did, you know that the information you received from her is very healing on all levels of life. Howe

Create Abundance with Citrine!

Hey RoseBuds! Did you know that Citrine is also known as the “merchant’s stone”? I always carry a small piece in my wallet to attract abundance. It’s not always the money abundance that is manifest, but abundance in health, friends, love, comfort and peace. Abundance comes in many for

Can you hear the Crystals Whisper?

Hey RoseBuds, did you know that crystals whisper? They each have a message to share, these messages come from the spirit, essence, and archangels. As always their messages are packed with love, light and words of wisdom to help you feel spiritually better! The message from Doreen Virt

Candle Magic & Calcite

When you combine crystals, candles and intentions, you have the makings for something magical!  Calcite is one of my favorites to use in candle magic, or candle prayer, whatever you want to call it, it’s all about your intentions.  Try using three pieces of blue calcite, set up as a t