Awakening Soul In The Physical Body

By Anna Dale, Licensed Therapist, Shamanic and Intuitive Healer Can Massage Help Manifest Your Dreams? Perhaps this is not the usual way people have come to think of massage.  It’s purpose is to help soothe sore muscles, right?  To create more range of motion through joints and

What is an energy detox?

Deborah O’Brien, Life Coach and Energy Healer Did you know that we all have trapped energies that cause dis-ease and pain? They affect your mood and behaviors that can lead to poor choices and these energies do not support your health and life relationship. Some of these energie

Why should I do a cleanse/detox?

By Dr. Tammy Stenberg, DC WHY SHOULD I DO A CLEANSE/DETOX WHY? There are 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S! And many of these disrupt your body systems (immune, nervous, endocrine, reproductive). WHERE ARE THESE TOXINS COMING FROM? Air pollutants, cigarette smoke, health

Relax the Thai Way

By Ramilton Franco, LMT Thai massage is an important component of a comprehensive, traditional system known as Thai medicine — a 2,500-year-old method of natural healing developed in the ancient kingdom of Siam, now modern Thailand. Traditional Thai medicine is composed of four

Spring Rejuvenation – Emotional Clearing

By Dr. Cristina Corban Sun is out, trees are in bloom, birds are singing, it’s time to buzz around, filled with life and joy! It is also the time for the spring cleaning, to bring space and harmony into our lives, whether it is about our space or bodies. The call for life is there, bu

Healing with the right vib!

By Véronique Nelson, Sound Healing Practitioner   One of the ‘secrets’ of the universe, is the creative application of sound frequencies.- John Worley Keely  As many of you already know, I have been passionately dedicated to transform and heal the world, one awakening

Raindrop Massage

Anna Dale, License Massage Therapist. This Fall, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a Raindrop Technique training offered through Young Living.  This is a special technique combining high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils and a special method of touch used to apply t

The Little Things Matter

Recently my beloved and I have been talking about what are those things that really make a relationship work. There’s the big stuff like shared values, good communications, compatibility and friendship that are absolutely necessary. There are also the small things that you might not e

Invisible Toxins That Come From Within

By Merilou Hundley, Energy Healer, Counselor/Coach There are toxins that affect our health that do not have a tangible or visible property, they are energetic toxins. Our bodies are entirely made of energy that continuously vibrates. Our thoughts and self-talk affect how this energy v

Do You Have Toxic Bioaccumulation?

By Linda A. Baker, Therapy Technician Did you know that we come in contact regularly with over 80,000 toxic chemicals in our surrounding environment?  And researchers say that the average person carries a minimum of 700 known toxins in their blood, skin, fat tissue, brain tissue, live

The beauty of Fascia

I  have been fascinated with Fascia ever since I learned more about it in Massage School. This incredible dynamic system is not understood very well yet plays a very important part in every movement of the human body, without it we would be a big bone-filled blob. Fascia serves many d

You were born an intuitive!

We are all born with the gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and clairaudience (clear hearing), some may be stronger than others at certain times. So many times I hear people claim “well I’m not that intuitive”, and I