Hot Stone Massage – Great for winter!

Have you ever had a hot stone massage?  In my experience of receiving hot stone massage, I felt as if the hot stones were literally pulling out all the stress and tension I was holding in my body.  The warmth of the stones is so relaxing, so warm that I could easily fall asleep during my session.  Cara Cardon, one of our talented “feel better” massage therapists, just happens to specialize in Hot Stone Massage here at RoseSpringsCenter for the Healing Arts.

Hot stone massage is great for anyone who has been in an accident, or has chronic pain it can also open your chakras!  When your chakras are open you do feel better overall.  I particularly enjoyed having the hot stones on my root chakra, I felt so grounded and my lower back felt great!  If you haven’t tried hot stone massage, I highly recommend it, even if it is to just pamper yourself.  We all deserve a little pampering in our busy lives!

Brightest of Blessings


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