Hip Hip Hooray, Thai Massage is the way to help you feel better today!

Did you know that Thai Massage is an amazing modality for working into the hips?

When I asked Anna Dale, LMT, why she told me that the main reason it is so good for opening hips is due to the combination of stretching plus pressure.   She also uses her feet for some of the hip openers!  There is a depth that is possible to reach with this combination that is powerful & deeply healing.  Opening up through the legs and hips allows for energy blocked in the back & torso (even the head!) to begin to flow downward once again so we experience life in a more grounded, balanced way.  Sounds great to me!

I think that sometimes we forget to take care of our hips, like stretching and rotating, our hips need as much flexibility as the rest of our bodies.  If we ignore this section of our body, then energy gets stuck and that can affect not only our physical body, but our creativity as well.  Our hips are located in the area that our 2nd chakra governs, and that is where our creativity resides.  Massage is such a great way to relieve stress, clear energy blocks and an excellent way to pamper yourself, we all deserve pampering in one form or another… Love yourself and book a massage today!

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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