Hematite Message from the Angels

Greetings RoseBuds! Did you know that each crystal carries an essence that resonates to various Archangels? For example, Hematite is associated with the Archangels Jophiel and Michael. I like to think of Archangel Jophiel as the Archangel of de-clutter, and Archangel Michael as the ultimate protector. Whenever it’s time to go through and de-clutter my home, I call upon Archangel Jophiel for assistance, I find that I am less attached to the material items and it’s so much easier to let go of the things I no longer need.

Today I am guided to share the channeled message of Hematite from Doreen Virtues Crystal Therapy book, and hope that it helps you feel spiritually better today 🙂

“ Embodied in my weighty form is a direct link to feelings of stability and security, and it’s my honor to escort you as you explore new levels of self-understanding. By mirroring the beauty and burdens of each individual, I become a catalyst of choice so that you and I can expose any layers of negative reside you may have. We prepare them for clearing and introduce happiness by increasing optimism, risk taking, and willpower. As you shift your perspective, relinquishing control and increasing your trust will build up your personal magnetism. In addition, the release process can improve your sleep patterns, relieve health concerns, and have a calming effect on your personal and business environments.”

Take the best and leave the rest 🙂

Brightest of Blessings…


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