Hematite : A Great Stone for Grounding and Focus

Hematite is one of two stones that gets the biggest reaction when I’m teaching the Crystal Whispering portion of my sacred stone grid classes.  When all student are holding this stone the energy in the room gets very quiet and subdued.  I’m usually the first one to speak when I call attention to this new energy in the room and all respond with yes, yes, yes.  It is definitely a stone for grounding one’s self and for focus with cooling and calming affects.

Try this experiment.  While seated, hold a piece of hematite in each hand and place a piece of black tourmaline between your feet.

  1. With your first breath imagine the earth energies coming into your body and then exhale.
  2. Breath two imagine the same grounding energies coming from the earth plus gathering up from your body all unwanted thoughts and energies that will now dissipate with your exhalation.
  3. Breath three continues with your grounding inhalation allowing calming affects to bathe every cell of your body and then exhale.
  4. Breath four continues with bringing the grounding energy into your head.  Hold the intent of focus and as you exhale imagine all unwanted energies flowing through your eyes to clear your eyes allowing for better focus and discernment.

Try this exercise the next time you need better grounding and concentration and let us know what happened.

Love, Light, Chocolate,


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