Go Green!  A Treat for the Heart!

The kind of Green I am referring to RoseBuds, is the healing energy of Green Crystals.  There are so many to choose from and all are good for the heart.  So many I know are going through some pretty tough experiences right now and I can feel how it weighs on their hearts.  The heart needs some extra TLC and any of the Green Crystals (Aquamarine, Buddstone, Green Calcite, Malachite, etc.) lovingly resonate to your heart chakra, and may gently help you to cleanse, release, and heal any sadness or heartache.  These beautiful gifts from Mother Earth can help you feel better spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  I’ve created a little chart to let you know a few of the blessed properties of our Crystal Friends:

Crystal Archangel Spiritual Emotional/Mental Physical
*Peridot Raguel Amplifies intuition. Protects from darker energies.  . Removes blocks to open heart to love.  May help to reduce anger. May strengthen  blood & may aid with digestion. Provides a shield around the body.
Jade/Buddstone Raphael/Raziel Assist w/past life recall.  Inspires wisdom when helping others. Balances emotions.  Calming to entire being.    Helps one to feel and know what you need for your highest good. Good for skin & hair.  May improve overall health of the body.
Moss Agate Ariel Helps create bond w/Mother Earth.  Assists in communicating w/the plant & mineral kingdom. Enhances positive personality traits.  Helps to calm and balance those who run/work on constant stress. May stimulate digestion & remove toxins.  May ease symptoms of cold/flu.
*Malachite Raphael Attracts abundance by clearing your path.  Assists in spiritual progression. Helps remove unconscious blockages.  Malachite amplifies the energy you project. Use cautiously. May strengthen heart & immune system.  May help asthma, arthritis & swollen joints.
Green Aventurine Jophiel Strong connection to Mother Earth & spiritually balancing. Heals heart pain.  Relieves anxiety & fear. May refresh tired eyes & relieve headaches.

*Peridot can be intense to work with, trying pairing w/citrine or amethyst to even the balance.

*Malachite can also be intense, trying using a little extra rose quartz to smooth out the energies.


Hope you find some of this information helpful and you find the right crystal for your highest good.  Allow the gifts of Mother Nature to assist you in all the right ways J

Brightest of Blessings…




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