Gifted advice!

Dear RoseBuds,

I am certain you have heard of our talented intuitive reader Chrissie Albright. Some of you may even have had a reading or a Crystal Therapy session with her, and if you did, you know that the information you received from her is very healing on all levels of life.

However, what you may not realize at this time that Chrissie’s gift have strengthened and increased over the past few months. The strong energies that have come to flood our planet from the center of our galaxy have been very intense and have brought many aspects of true self and gifts to the forefront. We are becoming more of that that we are, and in Chrissie’s case, her clairvoyance and clairaudience has reached a whole new level.

What that means in practical manner for you RoseBuds, is that Chrissie has more to share with you. She is also reworking the format of her sessions, letting spirit come through without the support of oracles cards, unless of course you need that visual. So, if you need advice, insights on any aspect of your life, someone to share with who can guide you with spiritual answers that come from the higher realms of truth, you might want to let her connect and share with you what is shown or spoken to her on your behalf. Your guides, angels, archangels, spiritual helpers and light family are always looking for an opportunity to connect with you, to share some important information, or simply to show you how much they love you and support you. They want to remind you that you are never alone and that they are always ready to intervene and help, shall you ask… Remember the free will clause? You have to ask!

With Chrissie’s you get to create a healing space for you and them to meet, communicate, receive answers, advice, that are always given upon the highest possible potential at the time, and for your highest good and the highest good of all. It would not happen any other ways.

So if you have never had a session with an intuitive reader and healer, or haven’t met with her in a while, I strongly recommend that you meet with Chrissie. I am honored and lucky to work closely with her, and can easily and honestly share with you that she is very gifted and wonderfully connected.

To you all, best wishes!

We are One. Light, Love and Power.



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