Get Creative With Carnelian!

Carnelian is another one of my favorite stones for protection.  From my experiences it protects you from the darkest of energies.  We have placed carnelian on the four corners of our property, and every night I visualize all them connecting and protecting our land.  If any of you work with crystal grids, try using carnelian to speed up and enhance manifesting your desires.  No matter which grid I am using I always keep a piece of carnelian near (if it’s not part of the grid) just for the added energies.

Feeling a block in creativity?  Use carnelian to clear your sacral chakra, it will open up those creative channels and get you back into the groove!  Carnelian is my “go to” when I am wiped out on all levels as it totally revitalizes and aligns my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.    Wearing carnelian around my neck has  also helped me feel better about speaking or leading in groups and over-coming my tendency to want to be shy.   Some people I know event sleep with carnelian under their pillow to help them recall their dreams and astral travels, most of the time they recall everything in great detail.

Carnelian is a great addition to your practices in spirituality, whether self-healing, crystal therapy or gridding of any kind, it’s a must have in your metaphysical toolbox!

Brightest of Blessing,

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