Fulgurites: From Your Lips to God’s Ear

Fulgurites are amazing little power rods, formed when lighting stuck Earth. Lighting has been measured at over 50,000 degrees, Fahrenheit. That’s five times hotter than the Sun! When that bolt of intense heat strikes the Earth it heats up the soil or rock around it, leaving behind a perfect impression of lightning bolt’s shape. Fulgurites can extend many feet into the ground, but being so fragile it is difficult to find on entirely intact. RoseSpringsCenter was fortunate enough to have several wonderful Fulgurites. And, I could not be more excited!

In the Early Days, our Native American family would find fulgurites after a lightning storm. It was believed that because Fulgurites were left behind after God “spoke” they had the power to amplify words spoken to God. To this day, Fulgurites are believed to amplify the power of prayers, if they are spoken through these lightning tubes. Other gifts from Fulgurites include; the ability to clear blocked chakras, awaken your inner wisdom, as well as increase your vitality; all to help you to feel better.

Shine on! Hope

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