From the Inside Out

Rev. Linda A. Baker

Several RoseSprings patrons watched the movie The Moses Code recently. Before you “judge the book (movie) by its cover (title)”, note that this movie is not about religiosity, but rather universal spirituality. It’s about manifesting your life, humanities life, from the inside out.

Trying to change the world around us is not only exhausting, but the result only gives us temporary pleasure and happiness. We seek more money, newer and fancier cars, more expensive houses, and more beautiful clothes as ways to make us feel better. Unfortunately, the pleasure brought by this approach cannot last, since it results from a belief that is contrary to our reason for being. We are not here to accumulate things or to amass wealth. We are here to give and receive, to serve one another by giving of our talents and providing services or creating products that express these talents. The natural result of this process is that money and other material wealth flows into our lives.

More often than not though we reverse this process and make money or “what am I going to get out of this”, the primary motivating factor. Seeking money or other material things invariably puts us in a position where we fail to support and give to others through the expression of our talents. So how do we make the shift to honoring our purpose, our authentic self first?

The first step is to begin questioning our current belief system and then expand it to the reality that we ARE spiritual beings, having a human experience. We, as human personalities with minds, emotions, and bodies, do not “have” souls. The soul “has” us. The soul is the eternal living reality that gives life to, and sustains us. This is the basis for “oneness” in this world. “I am that, I am”. We all breathe air that has circulated through the rain forests of Africa and volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helens. We breathe the same air that Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, Plato, Mozart and Michelangelo, not to mention Hitler and Osama bin laden. We are truly one, one with the internal and eternal God.

Secondly, reframe your past unpleasant experiences. Rejoice in them, they have made you the person you are today. This is the beginning for taking responsibility for your life, leave the victim and victor role by the wayside. You no longer need to feed your ego with daily drama. Accept each day’s experiences as an opportunity to ask the question, “What’s the lesson in it?” Release, accept, submit, forgive…do whatever it takes to let go of the past. And, remember, things aren’t right, wrong, good or bad, they just are. Putting energy into judgment is futile.

And thirdly, live from a place of abundance not scarcity. Abundance is the natural state of the Universe. We need only to open ourselves to receive it. The law of attraction states that whatever you put your energy, attention and focus on will expand. In other words, you will attract exactly what you are thinking. Begin by being grateful for what you have. By noticing the abundance that we already have, we open ourselves to receive more. By noticing what we do not have, we attract more scarcity. Do you feel broke…then you’ll be broke.

If life is working for you, then keep doing what you’re doing. If life isn’t working for you, if you’re not feeling outrageous joy then try living from the inside out.