From Exposure to Sacred… A Versatile Cover Up

SarongWe all take in information in different ways and have a dominant preference.  I’m a visual so I love color and texture and unique ways of using the ‘ordinary’ in different ways.  While in Denver a couple of weeks ago there was a booth that tied a colorful sarong around the back of a chair making it cute, still functional and inviting.  Maybe you have some unique ways to use these beautiful pieces of cloth?

I have a stash of sarongs that I use for special ceremonies during the year and use them as an altar cloth or often as a meditation/prayer shawl.  And, every once in a while the batik pattern speaks to me in such a way that I just have to have it as a wall hanging, especially when one of my chakras is in need of more healing.

On a more practical level they set a cheery mood on the table for breakfast and, of course, if you’re looking to cover your swim suit on the beach or by the pool, you can’t go wrong.

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