For the Love of Chiropractic Care

Rosebuds, please join me in welcoming our newest family member here at RoseSprings!

Dr. Tammy Stenberg, Chiropractic Physician, offers Chiropractic Services and Nutrition Responsive testing Sessions. She shared with me that becoming a chiropractor was a “no brainer” for her. She added that ever since she was a little girl, she always enjoyed helping people without intentionally even thinking about it. “It’s part of my DNA”, she says”. “Being a licensed massage therapist for 8 years catapulted me onto my chiropractic career. I believe I have finally found my calling. As a Licensed Massage Therapist my patients have always told me “you have great hands”, “you know just where my aches and pains are…” she added. I guess that was the motivation that led Dr. Tammy to want to develop further into her career. Using her experience and her clients’ feedback, Tammy learned to tap into her patients’ body needs and to listen to these needs to guide her in her practice.

She left me with these words, “my mind is medically scientific; however, it is also aware and open to the magical complexity in each and every one of us”. I know that it is that same “complexity” that helped her to develop her intuitive skills and her heart that led her to want to help more of us feel better, when she chose RoseSprings to start her new practice.

We wish her well here, and we look forward to have you meet her.

We are one. Light, Love and Power.

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