Flying Wish Paper – Wrap up your wish, and let it fly!

FlyPaperPackageRemember as a child, blowing on dandelion seed-heads and watching those swirling fluffs take your wishes up to Heaven? Imagine doing that with an adult twist, and adult wishes. This is where Flying Wish Paper comes in. These packets of paper come in a variety of colors and styles, and for many different occasions. They are perfect for Life Passage Celebrations, and for expressing your desires to The Universe.

You just write your “wish” down on the flying wish paper, light it, and watch it gently lift into the air. The heat causes it to rise up, and burn away completely. Your wish is released, and now you turn your awareness to any opportunity to make it come true.
I love these; just knowing that I have taken a positive step to create something I want, makes me feel better about everything.

Shine On!
Rev. Hope

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