Flower Essences are Natures Way

I recall when I first discovered Bach Flower Essences and how elated I was that they actually worked!  Rescue Remedy was truly my rescuer when in 2007, I ended my 16 year relationship (10 of it married), my brother (age 36) passed away, filed bankruptcy, lost my home and too much more to list.  I never went anywhere without my bottle of Rescue Remedy.  When I took it, my heart ache, sadness, anxiety and stress levels were completely manageable.  I still had difficult days, but I swear Rescue Remedy saved me from falling into a deep depression and completely loosing myself in the process.

Many of my friends have their own stories on how Rescue Remedy helped them feel better; one shared with me how her husband was having chest pains, hoping it was not a heart-ache, she grabbed the Rescue Remedy, put a few drops under his tongue and within minutes he felt calmer and the pain subsided.  After a visit to the E.R., they were happy to hear his heart was fine, but that it was time to de-stress.  Many others I know have used it, with great success, on older pets that experience pain or anxiety, they always have it in the family pet medicine cabinet.

Brightest of Blessings… Chrissie

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