Flourite Increases your Ability to Study!

Whether you are entering 1st grade or freshman year of college, Flourite is the perfect companion for any kind of studies.  When I was in college, I always had a piece of Flourite near me when I did my homework…especially math….lol.  I always felt grounded and focused and before you knew it; my homework was done in no time!  I gave my son a piece of Flourite to carry in his wallet, when I gave it to him, he always had troubles getting his homework done.  After 3 months of carrying the Flourite, he got all his homework caught up, and even got an award at the end of the school year for catching up and turning everything in for the remainder of the year.  I know he loves it, and if you tried it, you’d love it to!

One of my most favorite properties of Flourite is its ability to enhance concentration, so really it can help with being a student, or any other kind of project you need clear and grounded concentration to work on….RoseBuds, I’m telling you, clarity, concentration, healing and cord-clearing are just some of the amazing gifts Flourite has to offer you J  If you feel you have been corded, just hold a piece of Flourite to your 3rd eye for 20 seconds, you will start to feel better and lighter in that short amount of time.

Brightest of Blessings…


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