Flourite in all its Colors-What do they do for you?

Hey RoseBuds, are you aware of the various colors of Flourite? This beautiful stone can be found in blue, green, purple, yellow and colorless. I’ve created a little chart for the various colors and some of their healing properties. I hope you find this useful when you decide to add Flourite to your crystal family!-

Blue Flourite Produces a calm energy with added focus so you can be more efficient in what you are working on, whether in the astral, etheric, or physical planes. (One of my favorites, I always feel calmed and refreshed, peaceful and positive when working with the blue.)
Green Flourite This color is amazingly cleansing, like a fresh spring morning. This freshness brings a renewal of sorts to the chakras. You can set a piece of green Flourite in a room and it helps remove any negativity that may be floating around. I personally find the green to be completely energizing.


Purple Flourite Purple is a great one to work with on your 3rd eye as it enhances your vision and psychic gifts all around. I like this color for studying and meditation, I find that it brings a lot of clarity to my 3rd eye and I also feel it enhances the ear chakras, as I can hear my guides and angels more clearly.
Yellow Flourite This is a great one for group energy, whether in a classroom setting, group meditation or a group healing session.   Yellow enhances harmony and connection amongst our higher selves.


Sometimes you may get lucky and find a piece containing all the colors Flourite, you can work with the colors individually or all at once, just set your intention (with love & gratitude) and see what Flourite can do for you! This is one stone that will help you feel spiritually better on many levels. If you haven’t worked with Flourite, I highly recommend it for all ages, it is a fun stone to work with and you’ll love the colors! I’ll admit, I have a problem when it comes to Flourite… I can’t resist buying it and now have quite the collection! Oh well, this collection doesn’t take up as much room as it would if I had a shoe fetish instead….lol!

Brightest of Blessings…



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