Finding Balance with Kyanite!

Hey there RoseBuds! Are you looking for a little balance in your life? Looking to balance out your chakras? I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to use Kyanite to balance my chakras; you need one piece of black Kyanite and one piece of blue Kyanite. Find a quiet space to lay down, take the blue Kyanite and place it at your heart chakra, the black Kyanite is placed just below the sacral chakra. Focus on your breathing, visualize the two pieces of Kyanite communicating to each other and running clear energy through your chakra system, keep focusing on breath, breathing in white light as you do… now visualize each chakra in the brightest colors, as the Kyanite works its magic you will begin to feel a lightness within, you will feel your chakras spinning at a healthy rate. Just keep with it, keep breathing and your body will let you know when the work is complete. You will feel lighter, brighter and just feel better all the way around!

As many of you know, the crystals resonate to the various Archangels. Kyanite with the Archangels Gabriel, Metatron, and Raguel. I hope you find the following channeled message (from Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue) as helpful as I did today! Enjoy!

“I provide a sense of gentle love with the strength to speak your personal truth. I help you step out of the way and allow information to flow by eliminating blockages in the throat chakra and removing your fears. By opening the door to the explorations of higher understanding and cosmic consciousness, I provide new perspectives of channeled clarity that inspire pioneering solutions in areas of discord on this plane. My gift is the ability to discern truth when we act as partners in self-realization and self-actualization, so work with me in these experiences. Ask yourself: Is this the present or the past resurfacing? Call upon me to resolve conflict, both within the self and others.”

Brightest of Blessings…


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