Feeling Better with Natural Soy Intention Candles

A candle is not just a candle.  A lit candle carries the energy from the earthly elements; Earth, Water, and Air, and Fire. And, then you add the fifth through your intention…Spirit. Your lit candle is now a powerful tool for transformation. At RoseSprings we carry thirty different soy candles in the Gift & Herb Store. Each were created for a specific intention; from “Problem Solving” and “Angelic Influence” to “Seduction” and Housewarming”, there is one that is sure to fit your situation.

Before you activate your intention (light the candle) spend a few moments getting clear about what you are accomplishing. You may want to write a special prayer or blessing to increase the energy for your intention and slip that under the candle. After you light it, spend a few moments feeling the energy radiating from your candle into the expansive Universe, and returning to you as an answered prayer. And, enjoy the feelings that comes from making your life better.

Shine on!
Rev. Hope

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