Meet the Artists

 “The Sanctuary”  By Luna  Howell –  Saturday, November 19, 12-2pm

lunahowell“Luna is an artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Her journey with photography began with the use of disposable cameras to take pictures on family vacations. Years later, she decided to delve more deeply into both film and digital photography, and has been in love with the art form ever since. In her work, Luna seeks to capture transcendental beauty in its myriad forms. She hopes that you enjoy the places of profound peace and tranquility that she has discovered on her adventures.”




“Urban Beauty, through the eyes of a child” By Shawna Myrick – October 8, 12-2pm

unnamed2I love all things ART.

But my passion is Macro Photography I have spent the last 10 years bringing the smallest objects into shaper focus.

Most of my subjects are less the 4 inches wide, some are so tiny they are only 2 millimeters across.

Have you ever noticed how children see the smallest details adults often miss?

This art collection originally started off as a challenge from a friend  to photograph flowers as if I was looking at them with the eyes of a child.

The project has grown to include Butterflies, Leaves and Rocks.

My intention with my art is to show how even in this crazy urban concrete jungle we live in there is still beauty all around us, if we only take the time to stop and look at it.



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