Experiencing DEH® (Dynamic Energy Healing)

DEH® is an effective and amazing energy healing that practitioner, Merilou Hundley, uses to help her clients ‘Venture Forward’.

First of all, let me tell you it was a delightful and freeing experience!  Merilou’s creation of sacred space along with her warmth is sure to make you feel at ease right away, then as you relax and sit back, just follow her lead and enjoy the process.

The process started with an intention… You have to know what you are working on, wanting to clear or simply get beyond.  What is the goal for your session? Dear Rosebuds, the question of the “time NOW”, is WHAT DO YOU WANT? The reality is that for most of us that is turning out to be a difficult question to answer, as we have long forgotten to consider ourselves in the midst of our responsibilities and duty to others. Yes, that is exactly where I was, when I realized that I wasn’t prepared to answer that simple question.  Yet, much to my surprise the words I spoke, with ease were surprisingly targeted, and summarized my overall intention at the time. I trust that being in this sacred space allowed me the opportunity to voice my deepest desire.

So with these words, spoken out loud, to the Universe, Merilou used Kinesiology – muscle testing – to make sure that it was indeed my intention according to my highest soul wisdom and the most appropriate path at this time; and with 2 yeses, we moved forward with the set intention.

Please remember that when we deal with our unconscious, things do not have to make logical sense to be a hindrance. Meaning our logical mind may think we are past certain issues – we may have been working on them for years, alone or with a psychotherapist – yet through muscle testing and/or through our life experiences, realize that these issues are still there and continue to affect our lives.  And so, after a few questions Merilou was quickly able to identify the objection that I was still holding subconsciously, despite all of my personal work and hopes that I had resolve the source of that objection. The beautiful thing though, is that once we had identified the objection and the sound energy healing which Merilou performed, muscle testing revealed that it was cleared. That easy!

There are many steps forward from there, and I know that in the event that I somehow, find myself stuck again, I can turn to Merilou to help me sort things out, and clear any invisible barriers that I may have not otherwise been able to overcome.  See, Rosebuds, Merilou works from the inside out, pealing each layer off, starting with the ORIGIN of the issue, the birth place and time of it, and that through space/ time and dimensions. Remember Rosebuds, the matrix of our existence may be played out here with us, the standard bearers of our soul, but it is also played out, in many other place times and dimensions. What affects one affects all. The fabric of our life is nothing more than an intricate pattern made of one thread.

There are many factors that we may not be aware that attach on energetically and affect us in the material/physical world… Merilou Hundley is very aware, intuitive and able to navigate the thread that we are made of, she understand energies at work, what some call karma, imprints, or even entities. Regardless the vocabulary you connect with, once you realize that something is not allowing you to get where you want to be, Merilou can help you venture forward!  And trust me, she will help you feel better!

We are One. Light, Love and Power.

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