Spirit Moon Shamanic Studies

Come take a guided journey to meet your guides,lyn
teachers, or inner healer in the tradition of the medicine people and shamans around the world.

Shamanism is the 60,000 year old spiritual foundation of our ancestors. It is not a religion but coexists with all religions. Because it understands that all things are conscious, it offers a way of being in the world that connects us to all living things.

In this class we will learn the shamanic techniques we need to move beyond our ordinary selves and tap into an ancient and powerful world of the helping spirits.

Shamanic journeys are taken to gain information and healing from your helping spirits, power animals, and spiritual teachers. In guided journeys, we travel to the sound of the drumbeat that Lyn will offer.

Bring a bandana or scarf to cover your eyes, a notebook, and drum or rattle if you have one. There will be extras for you.


Facilitator: Lyn Birmingham, Shamanic Practitioner

Lyn is a shamanic practitioner with over 30 years of  experience and am a member of the International Society of Shamanic Practitioners.

Her training is in core shamanism which is a compilation of shamanic cultures.

Her heritage is Celtic and Cherokee. Her training came from her father and ancestors, her Cherokee medicine teacher, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Alberto Villoldo, Bhola Banstola (a 27th generation shaman from  Nepal), and many others.