Essential Oils are Earth’s Medicine

RoseBuds, did you know that essential oils have many uses?  I’ve used them for headaches, colds, and even cooking!  The combination of peppermint and lavender make an excellent remedy for headaches.  Between the anti-inflammatory properties of lavender and the analgesic properties of peppermint, your headache doesn’t stand a chance!  I’m no doctor, but I can tell you from my own experience that this combination also helps with asthma.  When my youngest was having a bad night and nothing that the doctors gave me were helping him feel better, I used the lavender/peppermint combo and rubbed it on his chest, after 10 minutes his breathing was deeper, calmer and he was able to finally fall asleep.

One night, while cooking dinner, my recipe called for basil, but alas, my cupboard was bare…. So I opened up my big box of oils, pulled out the basil oil, added a few drops (after a couple of taste tests) I got the flavoring just right and nobody knew the difference.  Now not all oils are safe for ingesting, so I highly suggest you look up the GRAS data (Generally Regarded as Safe).  Another time I had a friend who was not feeling well and asked what I had that could help him feel better.  I looked up his ailments in my essential oils book and fennel was the most fitting, I put a few drops into some hot water and he said it helped tremendously and it was the best cup of tea he ever had!  If you’re at all curious about using essential oils, you can find some great books out there and some great oils at RoseSprings Center.

Brightest of Blessings,

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