Energize Your Intention with Candles

Candles don’t just represent an intended energy; they are energy. The color of them, the fuel of soy, paraffin, or animal fat, along with the element of Air all give a candle life, and purpose. Back in the day, our ancestors depended on them for survival, warding away predators, real and imagined. They used them for practical purposes, but also found them to be trance inducers, doorways to the subconscious. Gazing into candles is still a great way to enter into a trance state. Candles were also used as currency, bartered for other household goods, or donated to the clergy of the community. They have been a huge part of the development of our society.

Today, candles are just as important to our daily living, but for different reasons. Candles evoke the first mystery known to humankind, and therefore awaken in us a deeper sense of The Great Mystery when we use them. They give us comfort, and a sense of celebration, and help us to feel better. With all the varieties of candles there are now, we are never short of inspiration for using one for a specific purpose. Many candles are now created with specific intent. Using aroma therapy, gemstones, color and sometimes Reiki, candles are imbued with properties designed to create a particular outcome. For instance, here at RoseSpringsCenter for the Healing Arts we carry a line of candles that provides over 29 different intentions. And, that’s just one of our many candle styles; we have many others that offer their own energy vibrations.

Weather it is to calm and comfort, or uplift and celebrate, we have a candle for your intention. Visit RoseSprings today, and discover the many ways candles can create the vibration you want, as well as make you feel better.

Shine on! Hope

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